Concrete mixer maintenance 1 cleaning and maintenance of the body to remove dirt and obstacles on the body. 2 Check the oil and circuit and control equipment at the lubrication, add oil as required. The first three work shifts, cnc steel bending machine add water while stirring cylinder idle 1-- to 2min, while checking the reliability of the clutch and brakes work.  4 concrete mixer during operation, should be seized at any time to listen to the motor reducer, gear noise is normal, the temperature rise is too high, After 5 work shifts should be carefully cleaned concrete mixer. Concrete mixer Practice 1, stirring should be empty before commissioning. 2, according to the mixing time to adjust the time relay timing to adjust in case of power outages. 3, water wet mixing tube and leaves and venues. 4, processes such as electrical or hydraulic press brake machines mechanical failure should occur unloading part mixing materials, to reduce the load, troubleshooting and then drive operation. 5, when operating, should be inspected regularly to prevent electric shock and mechanical injuries and other accidents.  6, the test is completed, turn off the power, clean the mixing tube and the venue, cleaning. Concrete mixing tank transport Overview Concrete mixing transport tanks, including those with a feed hopper and the concrete chute stirred tank, roller, is unique in that it also has a movable support frame, which is fixed to one end of the movable roller support frame, the support frame The other end has a bearing, concrete mixing tank provided between the bearing and the roller, activity in the housing side of the support frame is fixed with a diesel engine and gearbox and clutch diesel engine output shaft connected in the housing on the other side of the movable support frame is connected between fixed gear, gearbox and reducer through a belt transmission mechanism connected between the gear shaft and concrete mixing tank through a used steel plate bending machine chain drive mechanism. The utility model as compared with the prior art, with no need to have a dedicated cargo chassis can be used on the car, simple structure, the transport process to ensure that no segregation of concrete advantages.